Stock market portfolio

Your portfolio is a list of all the shares you presently own or have bought earlier. Portfolios differ slightly on different websites and in certain software; however, they all include these fundamental properties:

  • Total worth of portfolio
  • Total worth of your stock
  • Total profit and loss
  • Profit and loss of every stock
  • Value of every stock
  • Total percentage change of every stock
  • Number of shares you own in each stock
  • The present price of the stock
  • A portfolio will aid you monitor what stocks you presently own in a visible and convenient way; hence, preventing any confusion and enhancing your control over your assets. A portfolio is also a fine way to look back over previously traded stocks and evaluating your errors and gains, potentially increasing your decision-making capability in the future.

Watch list

  • A stock watch list is a listing of stocks that you are presently eyeing for trading in the future. Watch lists are a handy tool for storing your preferred stocks (saving you time entering each stock one by one every time you want to) and monitoring their performance.
  • The idea is that when a stock in your watch list reaches your target price, you can decide to buy it and move it into your portfolio, thereby, not mixing your wanted stocks (watch list) with your present stocks (portfolio).
  • Watch lists work in tandem with portfolios; where there is an online portfolio; there will be a watch list.
  • Like portfolios, watch lists are also free when you register for a stock-market fantasy trading account online.