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Corliss Group Online Financial Mag is a stock-market education website designed to teach beginners how to trade shares. Corliss Group Online Financial Mag does this in a manner easy to understand and uses only relevant and essential information required to trade shares on the stock market.
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Basic Stock Market

The basic stock-market information portion of the site contains simple information on the factors influencing the stock market; you should comprehend these factors before deciding to trade shares.

The key essential factors in the stock market are enumerated below; simply click on anything you desire to find information on. The number of links below may look formidable; but each link contains only brief, pertinent pockets of information, easy to grasp!
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Types of Shares

Remember that when dealing with shares in the stock market as we know it, it will practically always be involving ordinary shares and this should not be a very big issue!
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Stock Dividends Explained

To collect a dividend, you must have the stock before the ex-dividend date. The dividend is given to the investor on the payment schedule set by each individual company. The dates can be obtained from a company's official website in the investor relations section.
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Market capitalization

The market capitalization refers to the worth of the company based on its issued share capital. The formula for computing market capitalization is (share price X no. of shares in issue).

Companies with huge market capitalization can directly affect the trend of the stock market, particularly in the UK where there are fewer companies and where the bigger companies take up a large percentage of the total market capitalization.
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